Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips

Each season, winter, spring, summer, and fall, has it unique set of concerns along with the changing of the weather. Where you began will be determined by the season in which you purchased your home. Spring time is an exciting time. Everything is coming alive after a dormant winter. The plants are starting to blossom and the birds are singing in the air. This is a good time to check the exterior of your home. You can also start on the inside of the house with some much needed spring cleaning. Have your air conditioning serviced at least once a year. When the air conditioner is not working because the coil is frozen or the compressor is not working, it might be too late to fix it. Air conditioners are bigger ticket items that can have their life extended by regular maintenance.

Living in Arizona, you will need your air conditioner working correctly, as you get ready for those hot summers. In the summer, you will want to cut overgrown plants and shrubbery away from the side of the house. There could be hidden cracks and holes in the wall where bugs and small animals could get inside. Finish the left over cleaning from spring. You can clean out and rearrange the garage or shed. The summer is also the time of the year to get the most enjoyment from your swimming pool. At least twice a week, you should check the chemicals in the pool. It should be done more during the winter. If the chemicals are not kept at the right levels, calcium could build up and other problems with the water balance. You have to keep the skimmer basket free of hair and lent. The walls of the pool should be cleaned to keep algae from growing. Regular pool maintenance can be done by a professional pool cleaner. Of course, you might come home or look out of the window and see him lounging on one of your inflatable pool loungers, but that’s one of the perks of being a pool cleaner. You get to take breaks in the pool while you’re cleaning it.

Fall is a good time to flush out the water heater. If you have an 80 gallon tank that’s a lot of water sitting in the tank with sediment. It will help keep your hot water heater in good working order. If you have a fireplace, call a professional chimney sweep to get it ready for winter. Check all of the water faucets and pipes outside for leaks. A leaking or busted pipe is a problem you will want to avoid going into the winter season.
Winter might be a time when it’s too cold to get out and enjoy much of the activities outdoors, but you can get a lot done on the inside. It’s a good time to check to make sure your home is airtight. The cold winter air will help make you aware of any areas that might need your attention. Replace broken insulation around the doors and windows. If any door knobs, handles or locks are not working properly, this is a good time to repair or replace them. Poor insulation can be the cause of ice dams, which could result in major damage to the gutters and roof.