Rain Gutter Roof Installation

There is much debate as to whether or not you need rain gutters in Arizona. Some people may feel that it doesn’t rain enough to bother with gutters. Those people are taking a chance with the life span of their roof and running the risk of damage to their home, which could mean expensive repairs farther down the road. A lot of new home builders do not install things like rain gutters and landscaping. These are typical areas where builders cut costs in new home construction. They leave the option of whether or not to install these items up to the homeowners. With an already stretched budget, these will oftentimes get put on the back burner. Plus, why do we need to plant grass in the middle of the desert? No maintenance rock landscapes look just fine. Well, believe it or not rock landscapes and rock walls require maintenance also in order to keep them looking nice and to extend their life.

Once you move into your home, it can be easy to forget about the gutters. You will remember it when you get drenched by that downpour of rain at the front of the house while you are trying to run inside. If there are no gutters to divert the water, it simply pours off of the roof, down the side of the house. Without gutters, water can also build up on the ground around the foundation of the house. If there is no place for the water to go, it could create problems in the foundation. You may not realize the damage until much later when you see cracks in the walls, or the doors stick when you try to open them. Depending upon the type of exterior siding you have on your house, water falling off of the roof onto the side of the house can cause water rot in places. Rain gutters can be bothersome, because you have to keep them cleaned out, but it is important for you to have them. Leaves and debris from pine trees can clog the gutters. Just add cleaning out the gutters to your list of weekly or monthly maintenance list.

Rain gutters come in a variety of colors so that they can complement or match the color of your home. Over the years, they will blend into the home and you will no longer notice that they are there, at least, not until you have to clean them out.